Furniture — to Buy or to Rent?

Furniture turns our house into a home and is an integral part of our daily lives. It helps us accomplish a lot of tasks which otherwise would have been very difficult. Imagine setting out dinner with no dinner table or coming back from office exhausted without a bed to lie down. Or having friends over at our place with no couch to sit on and cheer for our favorite football team. It is obvious yet surprising how a beautifully crafted piece of furniture turns our house into a cozy home.

All that said, furniture is expensive. Buying beds, sofas, dining tables and whatnot all at once can be very expensive and burns a hole in our pocket. Despite the high cost of purchasing furniture it is not possible to live without it.

Renting offers a simple yet innovative solution to this problem. Through this novel approach we get to enjoy all the benefits of owning at a fraction of the purchase price.

Renting has an Immediate Cash Benefit.

Opting to rent rather than buying, allows us to get our favorite sofa (or that recliner we always dreamt of but could never save up for) at a fraction of the cost. We only need to make small payments over time rather than one huge payment on purchase. I personally would like to spend the saved money on my to do list -like taking a trip to Ladakh or guitar lessons.

Try Before you Buy.

When opting to rent, we have the benefit of trying out different looks, sizes and settings before we commit to that blue futon. We have the option of returning or exchanging the piece of furniture if it doesn’t suit our needs. This privilege is usually not there when making an outright purchase. We discover the flaws only after we have purchased the item and the process of returning the piece of furniture is usually not that straight forward. Some manufacturers just don’t honor their warranties and the whole process can be really frustrating.

Enjoy the convenience of living comfortably even when away from home.

If our jobs require us to stay out of our home town or if we know for sure that we are not going to continue in our current job forever, it makes a lot of sense to rent rather than buy. I for one would prefer the flexibility and peace of mind to move around without the worry of disposing off/transporting heavy goods!

While renting we don’t have to worry about the maintenance and logistics. Furniture rental companies usually take care of delivery, repair and maintenance. When our rental tenure ends or if we are relocating to a different place we can just inform the rental company and the items then become their complete responsibility.

Opting to rent rather than buying can save us a lot of time and money and make our life peaceful in more ways than we can imagine.

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