Gigabit IoT + Any Camera + Cryptocurrencies. How much would you pay to take a picture or video with another camera?

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You’re an obsessed Snapchat user, or Instagram user who already has a following, you‘re tired of delivering a first person or selfie experience to your viewers, what if you could chose to use nearby cameras to shoot yourself in third person?

You want to vlog a portion of your daily vlog like a pro, you’re running in the park, you want to see yourself running from above and there’s a couple of city cameras in a post, you pop out your phone, open your camera app and you have an option to check “near by cameras”, you see 5 cameras in a 1 mile radius, you’re 100ft from the next post, you can pay $0.01 for a picture, or $0.03 for a 15 second clip and you can pre-load a certain amount of bitcoins for this purpose on your phone’s Lightning Network wallet.

Perhaps you’re in a landmark, and you start to see more and more cameras being installed to compete over those third person view snaps/clips, you could also see the queue on each camera and how pricing from each camera competes depending on demand.

You start seeing how cities start installing thousands of cameras and capturing millions of dollars worth of revenue a day from our obsession to document our every moment, gyms, restaurants, and people even start pimping their own phones every time they get a chance by putting them on tripods as they charge them.

So long selfie stick, who needs a drone for an aerial shot anymore?