You Didn’t Notice It, But Google Fiber Just Began the Golden Age of High Speed Internet Access
Susan Crawford

What if somebody created an open access “lit” network, with the ability for multiple providers of services, & more than just “internet” services, say LAN party, security, home health, education, financial, etc… could compete and which services could be purchased and configured at the end user’s location with a click of a button, like apps purchased via an app store, but instead of apps, the end users are buying services via a gig or 10 gig fiber connection?

What if the users of the system helped pay to have the infrastructure installed to their location, and became community infrastructure owners and then could have greater say in their local systems? What if the infrastructure owner only cared about charging enough to pay to pay his/her bills? What if we were free to accept whatever deals/services that were available on the fiber system, no infrastructure extra charges, as it would be separated from the service?

We might best be served to look beyond tomorrow and further into the future of smart auto-programming networks, that give greater control and function to the end user. What if we could prioritize our own traffic for our own needs? We have the technology! We’ve come this far haven’t we?