Dear journal,

It’s so complicated. So much I don’t think I can put it to words, our paths cross and then they go their own way so many times it’s difficult to describe all the emotions I feel everytime we make our way back to each other. I’m happy for you. I mean it, after all we’ve been through, how much time we spend back and forth back and forth to no avail. Even after all that, even after I apologized to myself and to you through the stars and the sky we both live under I still feel the need to apologize once more, i’ve put you through a lot of trouble. Was selfish, and took what you gave to me for granted at times. For that I am at fault and for that no such thing I can do should make you forgive me. I don’t want to make it long, I’m happy we both are in good places, or so I hope we are. Are you in a good place? Are you happy? Does she make you happy? Does she make you happier than you were with me? I hope she does. You deserve it, all of it. I hope she brings you balance. peace. I hope for all my wrongs with you, she makes it all rights and loves you the way you should be loved.

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