6 Ways GMOs Make Agriculture More Environmentally Friendly
GMO Answers

What the author dosen’t seem to fathom is the interconnectedness of living things, even pests to crops. When you change that connection, however ‘good’ the intentions, you muck up that interconnectedness. When you artificially change the genetic structure of plants their biodegradability is also impacted. How they in their decomposition would feed the soil to replenish potassium, nitrogen, in an organic way, rather than relying on commercial fertilizers needs to be acknowledged. In the same way the pests are also part of a biological food chain and whatever they eat will also be contained in what eats them and their ‘poop’ will also continue that chain. So its not just about finding ways to feed humans more cost efficiently. At least not in the minds of those of us who see alternatives to our ability to produce healthy food. For any corporation to claim they ‘own’ the genetic intricacies of life to make a profit is the height of hubris.

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