When You Take a Job and Get Scammed
Nicole Dieker

way back when we started dating, my now-husband’s company shorted him on a paycheck and then delayed the next one and turned it around on him and said it was because he hadn’t turned in his timesheets like he was supposed to (salaried for a client-based tech business that was a couple years old). i looked up the the employment law in his state and confirmed that they couldn’t do that and encouraged him to push back and tell them it was illegal to withhold his pay period, and that they can’t make it contingent on a timesheet, and that he needed to be paid immediately. so he went in and did that and the next thing i knew he was calling me in the middle of the day telling me that he’d been ‘let go’ (fired). i felt AWFUL despite knowing we were in the right — that it was my fault because i’d pushed him to do it. i started helping him look at new jobs, and he went on some interviews right away. but then lo and behold, a week or two later the old company calls him. they needed him back. his job was too important, they didn’t have anyone else who knew what was going on with his department and that client. and he wanted to go back, despite all the BS (his boss was a major problem but he liked the work and the place) so we talked and i was like, you never did anything wrong, but if you want to go back, you should do two things. 1 — ask for a raise and promotion and 2 — ask for the back pay, and get them both in writing that you’ll have it by a certain date. they said yes, so he accepted. i thought then and i still believe now that whole mess was a big cover-up over cashflow problems. like, they couldn’t meet payroll and used the timesheets as an excuse to delay, even though it was illegal to do so, betting that people wouldn’t pushback, and then when he did, they got flustered and did more stupid things. shortly after my husband returned to the job, 2 owners bought out the 3rd (who was the problem boss, and seemingly the big problem overall). ever since then the company has done well financially, grown and never had a paycheck issue ever again, and my husband actually still works there because the next few years after that incident and the buyout improved by leaps and bounds. it’s amazing to me how the company did manage to turn it around. it’s not the norm…

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