Cultivating Love and Magic Through Dance

“Can you feel my heart burning? Can you feel all this good loving? You and me, were standing on the sun” — Beyonce

I once heard that every where a dancer stands is holy ground. As much as I enjoy that imagery, something about it felt like a stretch. Over the years I’ve come to realize how absolutely anchoring that idea truly is.

My earliest memories of falling in love with dance root from when I kid and my family used to throw house parties. My childhood was filled with lots of yelling and fighting, but none of that took place at the parties. Only laughter, and food, and dancing! So much dancing! My father was the Haitian John Travolta (kompa edition)! He owned the dance floor and everybody knew it. My God-Mother, God rest her soul, was the embodiment of effortless cool. Her movements were smooth, graceful and she had so much style. Even my Mom, who self-admittedly cannot dance, had herself a cute little two-step under the right beat. My sisters would frolic about with my cousins and I was looking on like a child captivated by a snow globe. It was beautiful, and dare I say holy.

Growing up, I’ve learned first hand how dance connects people which a very rich experience. I instantly become friends with anyone I create good art with. We’re gelled by the humility that is required to manifest the dreams of the imagination. It’s special and again, looking more and more holy-like as I think about it.

TAKE AWAY: The moments you create are rich and have the power to transcend time. Creating art is a process of cultivating magic and love through freedom of expression. Your expression has the power touch other people and bless them. Holy ground indeed.

And as always when you find what you love in life, go dance with.