The Celibacy Dance

I never thought I could go a year being celibate, but after many idle threats 2015 became the year of fruition. After my last failed attempt to live happily ever Baed-up I quit dating and that horizontal pastime I had often associated with it. I came to the conclusion that I had to withdraw from sexual activity until I learned how to better manage the toll it took on my emotions and expectations. Within the first several months of going cold turkey, the flesh grew week. But I found a vice to help channel the urges. I would have never known it but dancing in front of a sexy light, in a room full of free women doing the same tempting our own reflections made me feel amazing! This is what it truly means to feel sexy!

I left my first heels class on all time high! I was delirious with excitement and overjoyed with self gratification. I realized something very critical about the role I was using sex for in my life. I learned that sex was the vehicle in which I got affection, acceptance, adoration, and control. At the time, it had very little to do with love for me. It fueled my ego and insecurity. I decided to replace the role of sex in my life with dance. It seemed like a healthier, more accessible, and redeeming surrogate. And that it was! I truly grew empowered in the expression of my sexuality in these classes. I learned to love my reflection and so confident in my temptress skills I stopped needing a partner to affirm that. My reflection told me everything I needed to know…

TAKE AWAY: This feeling of spiritual healing and emotional growth left such a profound impact on me it inspired a class and workshop series that I now host. Lyrical Femme are the stories women conceal within their bodies — stories of sensuality, secrecy and survival. In this intimate femme dance class we use the female body, storytelling a little bit of magic to create an artistic experience that’s emotionally healing for women.

To learn more click: Lyrical Femme

As always, when you find what you love in life, go dance with it.