How To Start A Start Up (From A Designer)
William Frazier


“I know how to design something and communicate its value, but I have never actually built something, let alone an iOS app. So, using my strengths, I developed a three-pronged approach to building this new business without technical experience:

  1. Product — I started by using the design sprint process to create an initial prototype of the app and validate it with potential users.
  2. Technology — Since this is the area where I’m lacking the most, I have decided to approach it a little differently. I am currently taking an online course in iOS development using Swift and xCode in order to learn the basics of app development. This serves two purposes: 1) to learn enough to communicate with others who will potentially serve as a CTO (Chief Technology Officer), and to start building the product itself. This empathetic approach will allow me to better understand what exactly goes into building an iOS app and in turn, show a better appreciation for development talent. I am also testing the app prototype with developers in order to receive technical feedback as well as generate interest with potential partners.
  3. Community — This is where I have the most experience. Branding and positioning ideas is what I’ve been doing for my entire design career. Since there is nothing actually built yet, I am using a few different ways to engage my audience”
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