Sleeping single

How did you let me buy such a tiny bed? Amanda rolls her eyes when I say this, then looks right at me with I told you so in her eyes. In the beginning I’d been excited. I’d spent over six months sleeping on a thin mattress on a concrete floor. I have a bed! It’s very modern, I told her. I called it modern because it seemed unusually high as far as beds go. At least in my experience. It was even too high for Basta. Ok so my dog is twelve years old but that hasn’t stopped him jumping on other beds we’ve shared. Less modern beds that is. There’s only room for me. I’m wondering whether I bought it to send a message. You can visit but you can’t stay. The sex is sometimes good but the sleep together until morning gig doesn’t do it for me. Too close, too hot, too noisy. A lot of people want the whole package especially the second part. This can be a problem so I’ve discovered. Lately and that’s an extended like a long time lately, the most action my modern bed has seen is back to back early nights. And lots of books. Just the other day I noticed a dent in the mattress. I’d only had it four months. Ok so maybe the actual flat out on my back body hours had exceeded anything so-called normal. But still. Looking down I was disappointed. A sizeable depression in my modern bed. And in me.

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