7 things to consider about ideology

Bronwyn Mauldin
Apr 16, 2015 · 1 min read

It’s that time of the election cycle when a person’s thoughts naturally turn to ideology. On my bike ride home the other day, the jacarandas were in bloom and my reflections on ideology lined themselves up in a list:

  1. The allure of ideology is undeniable. It offers paint-by-numbers solutions to situations where the lines themselves aren’t clearly drawn.
  2. No ideology should be treated as more imperative than its impact on living things.
  3. If you have to keep making exceptions to your ideology for yourself and your loved ones, then your ideology is broken (see #2).
  4. The way religion is practiced sometimes seems like ideology. I don’t believe it was intended that way.
  5. When is an algorithm an ideology?
  6. Think for yourself. Don’t outsource your mind to ideology.
  7. Bicycle is the opposite of ideology.
Opposite of ideology
Bronwyn Mauldin

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