Focus more on doing

It is normal to be afraid. You can feel the pain. This means you are still alive and you are always with energy to conquer your fears. Yes, you have done and will do mistakes. Dumb mistakes. Big mistakes. It’s done and you can’t make it back. But you can always focus on the next move.

Don’t let external factors influence with your goals. Get input and only listen to people that have experience similar situations. Never hear someone that would never dare to do what you are willing to do. Your goals are clear and don’t need to doubt them. Stop playing the strategy board game. It’s time to execute and make things happen. You know it is not going to be easy. But that is what you like. The challenge, the process. This is why the rest can not understand. You have not started and have already won. Because you dare. Because you do. Focus more on doing.

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