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Medium First

Guerson Meyer
Oct 16, 2015 · 3 min read

I am not a writer (I wish I were one) and have not written more than 20 posts on my personal blog, and this is my sixth post on Medium. However, I do like to write, and when I do, Medium is now my first choice to start drafting and publishing any post of mine.

Medium is now my first choice and in case you care, this is why:

Focused writing experience

Medium mission is to provide the best writing experience. I think they are fulfilling that mission considerably. The web page is beautiful and easy to understand. Writing is a pleasure, without distractions. Easy to quote, to link, to insert headers, pictures and easy to share as well. No more markup or HTML format hassle. Just focus on writing.


Reach With Medium, you have an active and broad community at your service. Yes, a good online reputation helps to get viewed, but you can also get significant traffic if you deliver great content and do clever tagging. It is enough if some influent person once in a while (thanks, Enrique Dans) stumbles on you and share your post to gain significant views and reads. It is a great feeling to get new and random readers. This reach I definitively don’t have on my personal blog. I may have some of it if I am posting on LinkedIn, but their feeds are bombarded with all the standard media post, and you don not get that quality attention as you do in Medium. Besides, I can always repost in LinkedIn, which I do, but Medium is now my first choice.


I have tried many writing Apps like iAWriter. They are all fine and also focused on just writing, but my experience is that I have lost much time in the formatting, syncing and getting a post published! iAWriter experience has just changed completely for me from version to version, and I am just tired of it. I have just ditched it from my workflow completely. No more markup hassle or wasting time copying and reformatting my post to the web.

With the new mobile version of Medium (see new tools for writers) I can work on my drafts on edit them on the go. All works seamlessly. Medium poses for me the best technology solution for writing in the current digital age. iAWriter had some cool features e.g. regarding syntax control, but honestly, I don not write that much and good to be investing time in trying to make a post perfect. I believe now; I will simply get better by just writing and getting feedback from the Medium community from time to time.

Finally, Medium statistics. They are straightforward and easy to use. I know if people read my content and not just clicked or view it. This is perhaps the greatest feature of all if you are like me, happy to receive some feedback in this initial writing experience stage.


Finally, Medium is not only a writing portal but a “medium” to discover great content of all sort. Every time I open the app, I read at least one great article. Something new, random and definitively not expected. This is serendipity in its best form. Then reading great content inspires to write more great content. From professional writers to amateur ones like me, we all have something interesting to say and Medium is exactly that, the medium. It has amazed me, how good the adoption rate has been and how many celebrities use this medium as choice. Well, I am all in, and now I will be using Medium as the first and only choice! Thanks, Medium and Ev Williams!

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