What Impact Is Mobile Marketing Going to Make in Five Years?

As any tech-smart person will tell you, smartphones and mobile devices are the future of technological development. In fact, Sony Ericsson estimates that 85 percent of the world will have at least 3G coverage and 50 percent with 4G coverage within the next two years alone. Data traffic will likely increase by as much as 15 percent. In short, the future is optimistic for smartphone producers.

At first sight, this may seem like a solely technological issue. But the interesting thing about technology is that it has the potential to trickle through to every aspect of life even marketing. As a dental practice or best dental marketing agency (or indeed as a business owner in general), taking advantage of the knowledge that mobile technology is the future can greatly benefit your marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketing, like Internet marketing, is a broad category that covers a number of individual strategies that differ in effectiveness from company to company. For example, the first thing people think of when they think about marketing through smartphones is app-based advertisements. Anyone who’s ever downloaded a free app probably has experienced either full-screen popup ads or banners that promote various games or other services.

Advertisements can also be formatted to appear on the mobile versions of various websites. Much like normal Internet ads, these can be either unobtrusive or easily noticeable, all serving to draw attention to the various things advertised.

These can be effective strategies, but mobile marketing is by no means limited to advertisements alone. Marketing through SMS (Short Message Service) or MMS (Multimedia Message Service) messages has also become popular, especially as businesses have begun gathering cell phone numbers from customers. Periodic SMS messages can function like newsletter emails do with the added benefit of increased readability: people tend to check their phones more than their emails.

Mobile Marketing and Dentistry

These solutions are also not confined to goods-based companies that try to sell merchandise. As a dental practice, you can take advantage of mobile marketing as well by developing a marketing strategy specialized to the services you provide.

For example, creating an app for your patients to use can help them organize their schedules. These apps can aid your marketing by sending periodic “push messages” that show up on a smartphone’s notifications screen, reminding the person either of an upcoming visit or simply showcasing oral hygiene techniques. This type of marketing is, of course, targeted at patients you already have, but it can help you build a closer relationship with your patients and foster goodwill that can translate into referrals in the future.

Of course, dental practices can take advantage of traditional modes of marketing like advertisements as well. Make sure to consult a dental marketing agency, though, to get a professional’s recommendation for what kind of mobile marketing might suit your practice the best.

Mobile Marketing in the Future

Given the importance of mobile technology in the future, it would be prudent for you to increase your mobile marketing starting now. Whether this means you start looking into the technological maneuvering necessary for a successful marketing campaign today or you start formulating a long-term strategy, keeping mobile marketing in mind as you develop will be important in coming years.

Getting an edge on the technological strategies necessary for mobile marketing can only benefit your practice in the long run, and you can better appeal to the patients of tomorrow in the meantime. Mobile marketing is going to make a huge impact on consumers in the next five years. Make sure you start early on your strategies and use the tools you have today!

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