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If you spend much time in hotels please raise your hand. Oh, OK you do, that is great. Now tell me would you prefer to communicate with the hotel and receive practical information from the hotel via email, phone or text?

Mobile messaging has changed the way people communicate! Every day, new articles and studies are released showing that consumers now prefer text-messages to phone calls. This shift is especially relevant to hotels and other service businesses where nearly 80% of consumers favor businesses that offer text message capabilities and 86% of customers will pay more for better customer experiences.

Now that many hotels are communicating with customers by text message, they face new questions, such as:

· What types of messages should we send?

· What tone should we use when texting with guests?

· What instructions should we provide to our teams?

1. Be Personal:

Tailor communications to each customer and invite conversation

Your guests’ text message inboxes are sacred! This is where they have intimate conversations…

No other industry beyond hospitality can benefit more from mobile text messaging! Hospitality is all about personalized services for hotel guests. The guestext service was created specifically for the travel, hospitality and meetings/events industries. There is no app required so hotels brand or independent can reach beyond their “frequent guest members.

Actually, guestext has a built in “Loyalty Program” for its hotel customers so the hotel can track the guest’s frequency of stay and text special offers or invitations.

Many hotels rely heavily on their meeting, wedding and event business, so guestext offers its integrated event and meeting features so…

Image Credit: IMEX

During some meetings at the IMEX America conference this week in Las Vegas guestext was well received and viewed as an effective and beneficial tool for connecting with guests and attendees to build a more personalized relationship. We look forward to connecting with hotels, planners and DMOs to help them implement guestext.

guestext is a fundamental easy to use tool to help respond to guest, attendee and visitor expectations. And, of course, to deliver repeat and new business.

There were a few attendees at this year’s IMEX conference.

Drop me a note if you have questions about guestext /

A hotel builds its reputation through guest endorsement and personalized services create a better guest experience. A better hotel guest experience is created through responses to guest questions and requests and this requires personalization from the hotel staff.

The guestext messaging platform provides a convenient, personalized and easy to use method for a hotel to provide better personalized responses to guest requests and therefore a better guest experience to deliver guest retention, endorsements and repeat business.


Personalize the hotel guest’s experience with two-way mobile texting and more

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