The AR Race is on

Google has recently released ARCore in answer to Apples ARkit.

ARCore requires using Nougat 7.0 and greater. Thats a pretty limited target on devices, but needed if Google is going to take full advantage of thier assets..

Thier focus on mobile may be more oriented towards actual image recognition. And Google has basically our outside world in pictures; all the way down to the flower pots on your windows edge. So like they said, point your camera at a restaurant, and its menu smokes right out of the chimney onto your phone screen. If the camera knows what its looking at, then findiing depth and motion are much easier to work with.

Google knows that besides games, making augmented reality something useful is where the money is at. For example, AR for automotive. The above restaurant scenario would fit right in.

So when it comes to blending AR with the outside world, Google looked 20 years into the future with streat view, Google Earth and all. Combine that with technology from Google projects TensorFlow and MagicLeap to name a few, definitely gives them the upper hand.

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