AKA: What I learnt from interviewing Sarah Paiji Yoo, Co-Founder & CEO of Blueland for The Official Lean Startup Podcast.

5 ways we learnt to grow faster by thinking slower

Experimentation is the defining virtue of Growth Marketing.

What sets growth marketers apart is the understanding that success does not come from having a god-given opinion that is smarter than everyone else’s.

Why candidates should embrace Product/Market Fit, and why startup employers should mid-career candidates.

Appropriately startuppy pix courtesy of startupstockphotos.com

Should a Product Manager also do UX? Sure! But they must ensure they do the most critical element of their own job first.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before…

Every big brand and agency seems to want to act “like a startup.” But that doesn’t mean what they tell you it does.

If Unit Economics are critically important to a startup in 2016, but they change as a business grows, how can a startup test and prove Unit Economics before they scale up? Here are some practical suggestions inspired by my own experiences and that of others.

Image from Pablo by Buffer, Wisdom from Ice Cube.


What is this Unit Economics chat all about?

We’re in month #2…

Of everything I discovered when I first read The Lean Startup, Product/Market Fit is the concept that remains the most inspiring for me. But as 2016 unfurls, it seems to me that our definition of this notion needs a bit of a refresher. Here’s why…

Chris Guest

Chief Marketing &Growth Officer at Topology Eyewear :: @guesto

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