AKA: What I learnt from interviewing Sarah Paiji Yoo, Co-Founder & CEO of Blueland for The Official Lean Startup Podcast.

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I don’t usually enjoy work-related emails popping up on my watch while I’m on vacation. But as my family and I lugged our beach gear back to the car beside the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe in July, I dropped my haul of umbrellas, buckets and spades to read the rest of what just pinged onto my devices.

At first glance, I thought the email from Heather McGough entitled “LSU Podcast” was an invite for me to appear as a guest on the official Lean Startup Podcast. …

5 ways we learnt to grow faster by thinking slower

What sets growth marketers apart is the understanding that success does not come from having a god-given opinion that is smarter than everyone else’s.

Our success lies in our humility to recognize that we don’t actually know all the answers, and in our ability to apply the scientific process (Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis, Repeat) to discover empirical truth.

Indeed, many amazing people within our community have written about the importance of experiment velocity as a leading indicator of growth.
In other words:

The faster we cycle through growth experiments, the faster we can deliver growth to our business.

For one example, in their 2017 book “Hacking GrowthSean Ellis and Morgan Brown share how they identified experiment velocity as the key driver of their growth. …

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Why candidates should embrace Product/Market Fit, and why startup employers should mid-career candidates.

I often meet mid-career professionals that want to switch from a corporate/enterprise career, to a career in startups. I don’t mean students or grads, I mean people with 5–10 or more years experience working in the corporate or agency world, with established skills in marketing, product development, technical development and more.

It’s not just the dream of holding equity at the point of exit, or the lure of fewer corporate policies and processes. Startups offer the chance to do really exciting work!

This applies not just to the specific problem an individual startup’s solution may seek to solve, if you are interested in say, experimenting with the latest best practices in growth engine automation, it’s easier to do this start-up side, than at a mature company or their agency. …


Chris Guest

Chief Marketing &Growth Officer at Topology Eyewear :: @guesto

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