Outcome-Driven Growth Marketing

5 ways we learnt to grow faster by thinking slower

Experimentation is the defining virtue of Growth Marketing.

From “Hacking Growth” by Ellis and Brown

But fixation on experiment velocity alone can be dangerous

1. The Slowest Growth Comes From Wasted Growth Experiments

My Junkyard of Wasted Experiments. Image Credit

Avoid waste, plan slowly

Example experiment plan with description of hypothesis, method and variables

Learning: Always consider the total cost of a wasted experiment

2. Beware The Under-Funded Experiment

Under-funding an experiment be like: (credit)

Learning: Think about “Time to Good Data”

Specify the resources, time and especially budget that the experiment needs to succeed.

Yes, this is basic stuff so far.

Think slower to go faster

3. Avoid Unsurprising Experiments

Err, yeah. I guess that was kinda obvious. (Credit)
For each possible outcome, consider why it could have happened, what the drivers were.

How to Pre-Mortem Your Experiment Outcomes

4. Skip Underwhelming Experiments Completely

When you wanted 10X but you got 10% (Credit)
Challenge yourself to put a number to the target for each variable to win.

Learning: Estimate Maximum Upside Potential

5. Model The Outcomes And Actions

Oh yeah? Really?! And then what?
Adding “Next Action” to canvas to consider what we would do next if outcome occurred.

Conclusion: Thinking slow and growing fast

Example experiment canvas. Click here to try it yourself.

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