What’s An Even Better Way To Eat An Elephant?

AKA: What I learnt from interviewing Sarah Paiji Yoo, Co-Founder & CEO of Blueland for The Official Lean Startup Podcast.

“OMG babe! They want to know if I would like to HOST the Lean Startup Podcast!”

You can find the podcast episode via The Official Lean Startup Blog here

My Top 5 Interview Insights

1. The even better way to eat an elephant

It’s about taking just the right bites,
at just the right time.

2. The right questions to ask aren’t always the easiest questions to answer

There‘s a lot of focus in the Lean Startup world on making experiments more minimal, but this is not always what is most valuable.

3. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

It would be more impactful to the mission, if a sustainable plastic bottle were to be adopted by millions of people, than a glass or aluminum bottle adopted by a few.

4. The Internet doth provide

5. Don’t worry, we’re all human

Lean Startup gets you closer to the truth,

But the truth can still hurt.

Final Thought: Was This a Legendary Example of a Lean Startup Experiment or What?

Blueland’s early home-made chewable toothpaste tablets

What do you think?

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