Interview with Dr. M.R. Jayapal — Scientific Researcher — | Success Spotlight Edition — 1 by Entrepreneur Street

4 min readSep 14, 2023

Q1: Can you provide a brief introduction about yourself and your background? What inspired you to pursue your current field or profession?

Dr. M.R. Jayapal: Born in Andhra Pradesh, India, on June 3, 1981, I am the second son of M. Yesuratnam and M. Saramma. My educational journey was rooted in local government schools, where my fascination for science was kindled by my elder brother, M. John Sudhakar. My pursuit of knowledge and scientific inspiration led me to embark on a journey in synthetic organic electrochemistry. I completed my Ph.D. in this field from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India, in 2010. I was fortunate to receive post-doctoral fellowships from Argentina and China, which enriched my global exposure. My journey is punctuated with over 50 research papers, seven books, and the role of an editor-in-chief for prestigious international journals.

Q2: What product/services do you provide? And how are you doing it differently?

Dr. M.R. Jayapal: My journey has been marked by a passion for research, academic excellence, and sharing knowledge. I offer a unique blend of expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, material science, and nano-biomedicine. What sets my approach apart is my commitment to bridging the gaps between these disciplines. I endeavor to create innovative synergies that yield groundbreaking solutions. My involvement as an editor-in-chief for international journals further allows me to contribute to the dissemination of cutting-edge research, making a lasting impact on the scientific community.

Q3: Can you share some key milestones or achievements that have played a significant role in your journey so far?

Dr. M.R. Jayapal: My journey has been graced by numerous significant milestones:

Editor-in-Chief Roles: My tenure as an editor-in-chief for esteemed journals such as the International Journal of Pharmacy and Chemistry (USA), International Journal of Chemistry and Materials Research (USA), and International Journal of Research in Science and Engineering Technology (Belgium) has enabled me to influence and shape the global scientific discourse.

Distinguished Awards: The Albert Einstein Research Scientist Award, International Research Excellence Award, Distinguished Assistant Professor Award, Outstanding Scientist Award, and Best Researcher Award are acknowledgments of my unwavering dedication and impact on the scientific community.

Global Recognition: The honor of being recognized as a Top 100 Researcher in India, a World Genius Record Winner by Nigeria, and the recipient of the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Young Scientist Award signifies the international recognition of my contributions.

Q4: What challenges did you face along the way, and how did you overcome them? Any specific lessons learned from these experiences?

Dr. M.R. Jayapal: My journey has been interspersed with challenges that propelled my growth:

Editorial Responsibilities: Balancing the role of an editor-in-chief with my research commitments demanded meticulous time management and delegation.

Interdisciplinary Integration: Fusing synthetic organic chemistry, material science, and nano-biomedicine required innovative thinking and continuous learning to bridge knowledge gaps.

Global Outreach: Navigating cultural differences and language barriers in international collaborations taught me the importance of effective communication and cultural sensitivity.

These challenges reinforced my resilience, adaptability, and the necessity of a proactive approach to overcome obstacles.

Q5: Can you describe a moment or project where you felt a sense of personal success and fulfillment?

Dr. M.R. Jayapal: Every plenary or keynote address in national and international seminars affords me an opportunity to share my insights and vision. The recognition of my contributions through awards like the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Young Scientist Award and inclusion in the Top 100 Researchers in India are gratifying moments that validate my commitment to my field.

Q6: What drives your dedication and commitment to your work or cause? Any core values or guiding principles that you adhere to?

Dr. M.R. Jayapal: My dedication is fueled by a profound passion for scientific exploration, coupled with a desire to make a meaningful impact on society. My core values encompass relentless pursuit of excellence, unwavering ethics, and a commitment to knowledge dissemination for the greater good. My guiding principles emphasize fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and encouraging innovation that transcends conventional boundaries.

Q7: How do you balance your personal life and professional commitments, given the demanding nature of your work in synthetic organic chemistry and material science?

Dr. M.R. Jayapal: Striking a balance between personal life and professional commitments is paramount for holistic well-being. Effective time management, prioritization, and a supportive family play vital roles in maintaining equilibrium. Recognizing that personal rejuvenation enhances professional output underscores my commitment to maintaining this balance.

Q8: What is your vision for the future? How do you see yourself or your work contributing to a better world?

Dr. M.R. Jayapal: My vision entails pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration, fostering interdisciplinary synergies, and inspiring the next generation of researchers. I envision my work facilitating innovative solutions to global challenges, particularly in areas of synthetic organic chemistry, material science, and nano-biomedicine. Ultimately, I strive to contribute to a world enriched by knowledge, innovation, and scientific progress.

Dr. M.R. Jayapal’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of curiosity, dedication, and interdisciplinary collaboration. His outstanding contributions to the fields of synthetic organic chemistry and material science not only enrich scientific discourse but also hold the potential to reshape the way we address global challenges. His commitment to excellence and innovation exemplifies the spirit of a true visionary in the scientific community.