The Nine Planets Their Roles And Their Effects On Human Body

The human body is one tiny universe which exhibits or represents all the nine planets including the twelve Zodiac signs. Each and every planet and the sign is related directly to various parts of our body responsible for the adequate functioning. The position of planets in the signs is represented by a birth chart that not only displays events and possibilities of life but also the state of a person’s body and mind.


The Sun is accountable for the energy levels a person has, liveliness and the hearts functioning.

The Sun describes our soul on the higher level and our ego on a lower. It depicts who we are within ourselves It shows our true will, the main purpose in life, and vision. The Sun rules the sign of Leo and represents the father and our relationship to him.


The Moon controls the digestion and the digestive system and the blood flow in the body.

The Sun determines the father, the Moon represents the Mother, the sacred Goddess, and the feminine principle.


Planet Mercury controls the intellectuality, innovative and creative thinking, and the ability to perform particular calculations and so on. He moves the most quickly of all the planets, holding the reputation of being called as the messenger, traveler, and communicator.


Venus is often referred as the goddess of love and beauty, and she is the salient representation of relationship and harmony. Planet Venus governs our senses including the sugar levels regulation in the body.


Mars controls the bladder and kidney functioning, red blood cells and so on. Mars is called the planet of projection, aggression, force, drive, and courage.


Is the planet of expansion and grace? It always directs towards the eternal intelligence, creativity, luck, spiritual intelligence and the Divine spirit. Jupiter governs the accumulation of fat in our bodies, it Controls the physical growth, limbs, liver and kidney functioning.


The bones of our skeletal system in the human body is overlooked by the planet Saturn and controls the distribution of calcium and vitamins in our body. Unlike Jupiter, Saturn is always contraction, the limitation. Saturn is a negative force that stops, demolishes, and depresses.


Is the north point on the moon, represents worldly desires and material manifestation. Rahu governs the legs, breathing, neck, lungs etc.


Ketu, the south point, is the spirituality force, of worldly desires. It demonstrates the spiritual process of evolution that defines the materialized spirit. Ketu controls the abdomen.

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