85 and loving it…

In Springfield, Missouri, having your thermostat set for 85 is like asking to be slow broiled like a roast in an oven. It is a terrible way to spend the day, and I should know; my brother and sister-in-law seem to love being boiled out of their skin. It might have something to do with her being Filipino, and loving the tropical atmosphere, and me being from the north, like, Game of Thrones north. I love the cold.

It also might have something to do with Springfield being a fairly humid place to live.

I’m sitting in the camper, a popup tent on wheels. Its currently 84 degrees inside, 74 outside, and I’m sitting here writing a story about it. By the way, its under 50% humidity here. I’m warm, but not breaking a sweat. I love not sweating when I am sitting still.

In 1990, I left Alaska, a beautiful cool and dry state, to go to train for the Army in Ft. Dix, New Jersey. And then on to Alabama. I have lived through humidity hell. I know where I don’t belong! Humidity has been my bane. The very thing that makes me angry, miserable, and a bit of a dick. On the other hand, the dry air of the northern plains feels like a magical solution to the worlds problems.

Maybe if the world was a little cooler and dryer, it would be a better place…

Yes, I’m blaming high humidity for all of the worlds problems, from nuclear proliferation, to hunger, to nerdy guys not getting enough of the good stuff, aka cheerleader muff! (Oh, that got adulted fast!) I truly believe humidity is a curse, and those who live in it suffer the most. Another great reason to head farther north as summer approaches!

Yes, this is the long winded version of saying the weather is beautiful today. No wind, no rain, lots of shady pines and sunshine! In six minutes the pool opens. Yeah, its really a beautiful day!

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