As a product designer, it’s easy to focus only on the creation of beautiful prototypes and pixel-perfect design. However, if the solution does not solve the user’s problem or if it doesn’t fit the purpose it was meant to serve, the design and all the work behind it will be pointless.

“Design is increasingly associated with beautification. I hate the term beautification. We never just wanted to make something beautiful. We wanted to make things better.”

~ Dieter Rams

At my work, we help doctors and clinic managers handle more than 2.5 million bookings per month, and more than 30…

Super simple invoicing & tracking app for creatives

We’re excited to share with all of you what we’ve been working on since late last year. After 6 long months of working, Incomee 2.0 is ready for production! 🙌

The work on 2.0 started back in September 2019, we got extremely valuable feedback and so many ideas provided by the freelancers’ community and the early adopters. Big thank you to everyone involved!❤️

What’s new in 2.0

🌟 New MyDesk page

The MyDesk page is completely new. We clean up the user interface to make the most important information more prominent. …

Progress and lessons learned…

We are really close to the public release of Incomee app and so we would like to share a quick recap on how the beta program went, how the product has changed and what we’ve learned.

First off, thanks to all our beta testers for providing feedback on the Incomee Beta app and being such a massive part of the final product. 🙌

🧮 Let’s see the numbers

We released the Incomee Beta app in 2 rounds during December 2018. …

Creating and documenting Keirin

📖 In this article, I’m going to share the reasons for creating our own Design System, Keirin, and the process we decided to follow.

Introducing Keirin

Stuart is a B2B delivery platform and on-demand logistics solutions for all kinds of businesses. Our mission is to design and build innovative solutions to help our clients grow. Keirin is our design system, created with the express intention to help accomplish this mission.

And where did the name come from? Find out here. Since we’re big fans of cycling, and moving quickly — it felt like a natural choice! 🚴 💨

Why it was time for a new system

In 2018, Stuart hit…

The income tracker app for freelancers✨

The freelancer’s life is very busy: multiple projects, video calls with clients, proposals, delay payments, reviews, learning, personal finance, family,… and sometimes the time is really short to do all that.

The first problem that makes someone to fail in the project of becoming a freelancer is a bad financial planning.

How much money I’m making this month? When is a payment due? Is my income increasing or decreasing? Which payment is due today? Which one is overdue? …


Product Designer at Docplanner Group. Founder @incomeeapp —

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