The blockchain and token economy is one of the most revolutionary solutions of the last decade with important aspects for business development and innovation.

After Asia and the first strong interest in the USA (learn more here on ETF), Europe is also becoming aware of it. In September 2018, members of the European Parliament gathered to discuss and define the first bill concerning Initial Coin Offerings.

The goal of the legislators, promoted by Deputy Ashley Fox, is to create a more reliable and effective regulatory system for ICOs, because the chances of coming across a scam are quite high. …

BITCOIN, growth depends on institutional investors and “BAKKT.” The implications with American and Trump indices. Vol. I

This is a hot topic.

The mass adoption of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies will take place when ETFs are approved. Many people believe this situation to be certain.

However, the SEC has stated that such financial instruments will be listed after exchanges have implemented a series of actions to increase security and to avoid price manipulation (see here).

The SEC has suggested the use of regulated market operators with proven experience as a possible way to achieve these objectives.

“Bakkt,” a company belonging to…

Following the extension of the period for examination of the proposed amendment to exchange law 6, the committee expressed its opinion on the issue of ETFs, underlining that its disapproval is not due to a negative evaluation of bitcoin and blockchain technology, but rather the failure to meet the requirements for the securities exchange.

Guglielmo Capone

Cryptocurrency expert. Business manager and Advisor in crypto ICO. Specialist in marketing ICO Pump.

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