Learn Visual Design Principle by Comprehending Reading Experience

The landscape

  1. 3 golden rules in good designer’s mind
  2. The importance of visual design
  3. A changing reading behaviour & user cases
  4. Visual Design Principle Framework

3 golden rules in good designer’s mind

1. ”Good design is invisible.”

2. ”Good designers do not do things randomly”

3. ”People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

My works as an example

The importance of Visual Design

A changing reading behaviour

  • People read by scanning : The user scans the page and picks out key individual words and sentences / e.g. F-shaped reading pattern
  • The information focus depends on their tasks and goals : The user pays attention to the specific information that is related to their tasks
  • People only read the content they are interested in: When the content helps them concentrate on sections of interest, they will switch from scanning to reading

Good visual design enhances efficient scanning

(Photo credit to Bella & Lucas YouTube Channel)
Text in image

Visual Design Principle Framework

3 Layers of Visual Hierarchy

1. Build the strongest visual point for user to focus on your topic/first action point rapidly.

2. Build Elements/Sub-headers that are easily scanned and found, in order to finish user’s task & goal.

3. Build a seamless transition when user is interested in your content.


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