Jibo is (or should I say “was”?) an adorable companion robot that had everything to revolutionize the way we look and deal with personal robots. It turned out that the Jibo’s creators are closing their doors… and servers.

In the last year, we were challenged to transform an industrial robot in an entertaining robot, that draws images created by its fans on a KitKat.

read more about “Toppi, the sweet artist”

Artica is the mix of art and technology, and we had been feeling like we only been doing tech work and neglecting our artistic side lately, so Aura Festival was a great opportunity to submit something different.

We did a couple of trips to Sintra to check out the possible locations and brainstorm ideas for things with impact. After we organized some ideas we contacted the organizers of the festival to try and feel out what would make more sense to officially propose. We had originally conceived projects aimed at Quinta da Regaleira in particular, but it seemed to already…

This Summer we had one of our histories biggest challenges. We were approached by JWT to build an interactive robot with the ability to customize KitKat’s according to users drawings. This sounded like a great challenge, but we were far from imagining what was in front of us.

So, the storyboard for the installation is, a user approaches the KitKat’s booth, draws on a tablet, then enters Toppi’s room. The drawing is submitted to Toppi and it starts drawing. Easy task no?

Well, this (not so) simple project consisted of many different battlefronts.

Toppings: The robot was supposed to draw…

We had been quite busy in the last months, due to the deployment of 13 interactive installations for the Brain exhibition in Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon, and also the construction of a massive neuron sculpture. This project occupied all of our team members, and we had to change the configuration of all the rooms in our headquarters to be able to develop, test and assemble everything.

This video shows only a tiny part of the efforts that were made to materialize “The Neuron”.

video author: João Ribeiro

Eric da Costa, the mastermind behind this “the Neuron”, did a…

At Aura Festival this year we participated with an interactive installation called “Procedural Forest”.

At first, we wanted to bring natural elements to the participants, just because when we think in Sintra, all that comes to our minds is its beautiful forests and woods. We wanted also that visitors could easily engage and interact with the installation, to allow every single person to make a difference, and to see its action being reflected on the installation.

Our ‘Assisted Performer’ was a great candidate, because it allows visitors to interact with “anything” using their mobile devices, without having to install any…

In 2017 we were invited by UAU to participate in Popota’s Christmas Show, that took place in Campo Pequeno, Lisbon.

It was a big challenge due to the requirements of the performance:

  • Ultra-Large LED Wall
  • 40 minutes of continuous video
  • Videos triggered in sync with the actors/performers
  • Real-time interactive contents

Having this, we created all the visual contents plus the scene props.

The visuals were created 3D Max, edited and rendered in Unity 3D, then post-processed. Real-time interactive graphics generation was also developed in Unity 3D.

In 2016 we travelled to Paris and London to deliver an interactive stand for Embratur, the Brazilian tourism institute. They are a common presence in tourism exhibition faires all around the world promoting Brazilian tourism and their represented partners. Apparently, they liked our stand solution so much that they wanted it again for London’s World Travel Market ‘ 2017, this time commissioned by Expomundo.

Our stand solution consisted of 2 components, the first is the interactive stands, where we built a simple two-button system integrated with the furniture of the stand. The buttons communicate if the stand is currently occupied…

In 2016 we were approached by our partners Leonel&Bicho, asking us if we could solve the interaction and electronic components of an installation they were working. This installation was commissioned by Action4, and Pfizer was the final client.

It was part of a campaign to raise awareness on cancer prevention by Pfizer, scheduled to tour several shopping malls in Portugal. The installation consisted of a large structure with multiple listening points where the users had to plug in headphones and listen to different people reporting their experiences with cancer.

Inside the installation was also installed a recording spot where users…

One year ago we were approached by SP Entertainment to develop technology for a new show for Canal Panda, that project turned out to be Código Panda. It went pretty well.

For the 2017 season, they contacted us again, now looking for solutions involving virtual reality. We accepted the challenge and worked with them again, this time for their new show Caderneta do Panda which started publically on the 1st of October.

We developed the VR technology they use for the games on set and were present on site during the filming sessions. We also did the mobile application…

One year ago in a partnership with Schindler we decorated and created immersive contents for the new Amoreiras 360 Panoramic View. Through that partnership, we were asked to submit a proposal to Sonae Sierra for the restyling of the elevators in Vasco da Gama, the busiest shopping mall in Portugal.

This proposal involved the design and content creation of five elevators of the shopping mall. We worked with the architects to come up with an immersive, but a not claustrophobic scenario that worked with the water theme of the entire shopping mall.

We created an experience where the users can…

Guilherme Martins

Interdisciplinary Artist

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