Automotive Acronyms Guide

ADAS, ACC, AV etc:
many acronyms, but what do they mean?
Here is our guide
(Version 1.0)

ABS - Anti-lock Braking System

ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control

AD - Autonomous Driving

ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADS - Automated Driving System

AEB – Autonomous Emergency Braking

AFLS – Adaptive Front Light System

AHBC – Adaptive High Beam Control

AI - Artificial Intelligence

ALC – Adaptive Light Control

AMR - Autonomous Mobile Robot

APS – Automatic Parking System

AR - Augmented Reality

AV - Autonomous Vehicle

BA - Braking Assistance

BCW - Back Collision Warning

BEV - Battery Electric Vehicle

BOP – Brake Over Protection

BSD – Blind Sport Detection

CAS – Collision Avoidance System

CASE - Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric

CAV - Connected and Autonomous Vehicle

CDW – Collision Detection Warning

CIB – Collision Imminent Braking

CMS – Camera Monitor System

CTA – Cross Traffic Alert

DMS – Driver Monitoring System

DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles

EBA - Emergency Brake Assist

EBD - Electronic Brakeforce Distribution system

ECU - Electronic Control Units

Euro NCAP - European New Car Assessment Programme

ESC - Electronic Stability Control

eVTOL - Electric Vertical take-off and landing

EVWS – Electric Vehicle Warning Sound

EV - Electric Vehicle

FCW - Forward Collision Warning

FSD - Full-Self Driving

GPS - Global Positioning System

HDC – Hill Descent Control

HUD - Head-Up Display

ICE - Internal Combustion Engine

IoT - Internet of Things

IoV - Internet of Vehicles

IPAS – Intelligent Parking Assist System

ISA - Intelligent Speed Adaptation

ITS - Intelligent Transportation System

LCA – Lane Change Assist

LCA - Lane Centering Assist

LD – Lane Detection

LDW - Lane Departure Warning

LiDAR - Light Detection And Ranging

LKA - Lane Keeping Assist

LKS - Lane Keeping System

MaaS - Mobility-as-a-Service

MHEV - Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle

NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NVA – Night View Assist

OSD – Optical Surface Dirt

OTA - Over-The-Air Updates

PAEB – Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking

PDS – Pedestrian Detection System

PEV - Personal Electric Vehicle

PHEV - Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

PLD – Parking Line Detection

PSDM – Parking Slot Marking Detection

RCTA – Rear Cross Traffic Alert

RVC – Rear View Camera

SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers

SUV - Sport Utility Vehicle

SVC – Surround View Camera

TCS - Traction Control System

TJA – Traffic Jam Assist

TSR - Traffic Sign Recognition

ULEZ - Ultra Low Emission Zone

V2G - Vehicle-to-Grid

V2L - Vehicle To Load

V2I - Vehicle to Infrastructure

V2V - Vehicle-to-Vehicle

V2X - Vehicle-to-Everything

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