Short Paragraph on Kashmir’s Tulip Garden — A Heaven on Earth

Short Paragraph on Kashmir's Tulip Garden

Kashmir is known as the Heaven on earth. It is the most beautiful place in India. Kashmir is famous for its apples, apricots, lakes, shikaras, tulip garden and its natural beauty. Last month I visit to Kashmir with my family. We watched the beauty of tulip garden in Kashmir. That is why today I am going to share with you a short paragraph on Kashmir’s tulip Garden.
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Another tourist attraction has been added to the beautiful Kashmir valley. It is the tulip garden near Srinagar’s Dal Lake. It is supposed to be the largest tulip garden in Asia and It is another symbol of pride for the Kashmiris. (A tulip is a brightly coloured garden flower. It is shaped like a cup on a tall stem. It grows from a bulb in spring). The tulips of Kashmir are set to flood country’s flower market sooner or later. In fact, the government has started encouraging commercial plantation of tulips in the valley. It hopes to have a market share in the international floriculture trade. It will also bring in more employment to the people. To give a practical shape to this idea, a pilot project involving farmers has been launched in three districts-Anantnag, Budgam and Srinagar. It is also going to attract more tourists.
 Moreover, the presence of such a beautiful garden is going to be a greater attraction for lovers and honey-moaners on tour to the valley. They shall be able to present tulips to each other as a mark of abiding love for their valentines on St. Valentine’s Day, 14th February. A bunch of tulips in Delhi costs no less than Rs. 600–700. Srinagar’s tulips will cost less than Rs. 20–30 per piece. Rising demand for tulips from flower business houses outside the Kashmir valley has added to the idea of a well-equipped tulip garden. India currently imports tulips from China. Srinagar’s tulip garden has 12 lakh tulips of 60 varieties. At this moment, they are just a tourist attraction. Commercial cultivation of tulips is going to add to the prosperity of the valley.

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