Short Paragraph on Pen friends-Know about Pen Friends

We have so many friends. Some of them are our best friends with whom we meet every day. But most of the our friends are pen friends with whom we have very seldom visiting terms. We even talk with them very rarely. Read this article on Short Paragraph on Pen friends to know more about pen friends. Hope you will like it.
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Short Paragraph on Pen Friends

Pen friends are those men and women with whom we have writing terms and very seldom visiting terms. Pen friends live far away from each other. They belong to distant areas, states and even different countries. Pen friendships develop through certain associations which promote such friendships. Pen friends normally have similar interests and tastes. Similar interests bring them together through newspapers. Such friends exchange information about their respective countries and areas, people and their customs and traditions.
 Correspondence between pen friends adds to their knowledge and. widens their outlook. Many a time such contacts prove to be of a lasting nature. They even encourage pen friends to undertake foreign tours. Pen friendships promote international understanding and outlook. Pen friendship with members of the opposite sex makes the friendship romantic, thrilling and exciting. It leads to better understanding. Pen friendships surpass geographical and racial barriers and promote fellow-feelings among people from different parts of the world.
 This is all you read about Short Paragraph on Pen friends. Hope you liked this paragraph on pen friend. If you liked it, then share this paragraph with your loving once so that they could also know about pen friends. This type of paragraph is also asked in the exams by the examiner. So this paragraph is also beneficial for the students.

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