Types of pillows for home to get comfortable with

Best pillows for home

Each of us has his own favorite pillow. This thing not only gives us precious hours of soft sleep, but also helps to create a home comfort, carefully “supports” in travel, it can be a suitable gift for a birthday person and a bright toy for a child.

One of its inflatable versions makes bathing more enjoyable, the other as an invisible security guard accompanies us on trips in car. Its technological relative, equipped with massage rollers, takes care of our health, and a flavored fellow helps to relieve stress. A variety of types of pillows have become an integral part of our lives.

Let’s speak about the most popular pillows for rest and sleep. This most popular type of pillows is offered in a huge variations, which are divided into two types: classical and orthopedic pillows.

Down pillows

Naturalism is always in fashion

A classic natural filler used since ancient times — down and bird feathers: duck, swan, goose down, feather eider, chicken feather, and a mixture of down and soft feathers. This time-tested fillers perfectly absorbs, then evaporates moisture, easily restores the shape of pillows. But these pillows require periodic cleaning and drying, as this kind of filler is a favorable environment for dust and mites, which can cause allergies.

Modern synthetics: durable, environmentally friendly, carefree

If natural fillers cause allergies, the best option is synthetic pillows. They are usually cheaper, and it is much easier to look after them: they are easy to wash in the washing machine, they quickly dry and do not deform.

Among them the most common are:

- Padding polyester, an inexpensive filler that will last you 7–10 years.
- Komforel — a balls, made of spirally wound hollow polyester fiber; Holofayber, possessing a porous multi-layered spring structure, — environmentally friendly, non-toxic, hygroscopic material that does not absorb odors.

Orthopedic pillows

Modern orthopedic pillows

Today it is fashionable to support your health in every possible way and to be as young as possible and in great physical form. Fortunately, for this there is a lot of new developments, including in the “pillow” industry. Orthopedic pillows help to comfortably place the head and neck, ensuring their correct position during rest and sleep, relaxing the muscles and ligaments and preventing the curvature of the cervical spine.

Orthopedic pillows are classical rectangular and ergonomic, contour, shape, and also with the use of massage balls.

By type of filling the most common:

- From polyester — inexpensive option
- Made of natural latex, manufactured by foaming rubber — a resilient, environmentally friendly, well-supporting material
- From artificial latex, or polyurethane foam — with it the pillows are much tougher
- With “memory effect”, or memory foam, is a new material that adapts to the shape of the head and creates an effect of weightlessness.

So, if you have the opportunity, then order an orthopedic pillow for yourself. By the way, any pillow will last longer if you beat it every morning and wind it once a week.

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