What is Search Engine Optimization/SEO?

Improve Rank Your Website On Google

Before starting from SEO we can little discuss on Digital Marketing:

The term Digital Marketing firstly use in 1990 and it is known as many name like in US as Online Marketing, in Italy as Web Marketing, in UK and worldwide known as Digital marketing but all are same. In 1996, Two PhD student Larry Page and Sergey Brin make a search engine known as Google. It is mainly use for show the relevant result according to user query. On the internet 130 Million website are registered and 94% people search the query on first page. More about this, 63% people click on first three result in Google. Here, You are one Website owner in 130 Million registered website. So, how you can get first page rank in Google for getting more user query, for develop your business. You can use the technique of digital marketing. In actually digital marketing have more technique for increase traffic, lead, business etc. and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of them technique.

If you are the owner of XYZ website and your website position in Google at 100th position and you will improving your website ranking on certain keyword (Your service name) at one position. So, making your website authority on certain topic in Google by SEO it can improve your SERP position but not guarantee for bring your website position at one number in search engine.

Before starting the SEO, I recommended here: get familiar with how search engine work and also with Google webmasters guideline. You may hear the word “SEO” when you are creating the website and then, when you are learning how search engine work etc. In the digital marketing industry SEO is the one technique for increase lead for your website. SEO stand for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.” If we talking about in Definition language we define as “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the umbrella term for all the methods you can use to ensure the visibility of your website and its content on search engine results pages (SERPs)”. The main aim of the technique is improving a site by focusing on the visitor instead of ranking factor.

As an industry talking about it, they can consider as how search engine work, what people search for, what is actual search terms or keyword typed in search engine, which search engine would be preferred for your website. But in actually SEO optimizing your website as editing in your HTML code, in your content for increase the relevance of your keyword (your service) and remove all barriers that are irrupting the indexing activities of search engine. because SEO services is totally free services. It have two method one is On-Page and second is Off-Page .

While there are many legitimate ways to optimize a site for search engines and many users use the some deceptive technique and trick for getting result. In the other word we can say that SEO is legitimate known as “White-hat”, but some user usages illicit technique known as “Black-hat”. Here we told two type of SEO but black-hat technique actually damage your website and reputation, instead of improving your website ranking in search engine. Basically SEO may target many type of search, including keyword search, video, images, news etc.

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