Review: Why No One’s Going To Buy Pocket Premium
Shankar Ganesh

Well, every article I clip in Evernote is virtually unreadable on a desktop as it only formats for mobile screens. Evernote Clearly fails almost everywhere Pocket (so far) seems to actually work.

I’m an article hoarder, and I find reading on Evernote unbearable (like you said, not what it’s intended for). $4.99 is a little steep for Pocket which isn’t as diverse as Evernote, but it’s tempting since I actually want to go back to all of these articles I’ve hoarded over the years, many which have been changed or flat out pulled. It’s not just the articles themselves, but certain handpicked discussions in comments sections that aren’t easy (or always possible) to find.

If Evernote makes their main clients have decent reading/formatting modes, Pocket can go back to being dead to me like it’s been until Evernote broke their clipper and Pocket improved their methods.

$2.99 seems more reasonable.

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