Up Close and Personal (IA#3)

3 Artists

Rocky Gathercole is a Filipino renowned fashion designer. He has worked with numerous Hollywood personalities such as Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, and Tyra Banks. Christine Crame is a contemporary dancer and currently, the Head of Dance Program in the School of Design and Arts of De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde. Fourth Barleta is an illustrator and and is an art director for Apple advertising.

Rocky Gathercole | Christine Crame | Fourth Barleta

photos from felixmanuel.opmbworldwide.com, Christine Crame FB profile, and Kriston Villas, respectively.

Similarities and Differences

3 artists from different fields — fashion designer, dancer, and illustrator. Each of them has their own means of expressing themselves or their identity. They may be from different fields but the thing that binds them together is art. I consider them very lucky because their art is their career as well. They must be so passionate and so great with their craft that they made a living out of it.

Roles in Society

In my perspective, I consider the work of artists to be a break from this conventional, structured reality. They serve as an inspiration to other people to see the beauty this world and the people have to offer. Some people get inspired to pursue their dreams of being an artist themselves, too, while the others simply bask happily in the artists’ creations/art pieces thus, developing a whole new level of appreciation for art.

Qualities to imitate

I admire these 3 artists for being so brave to pursue a career in the field of art. We gotta admit that we live in a world where being an artist isn’t considered a job and isn’t taken seriously unless you’re exceptional at what you do and people are talking about you. Who knew that these artists would make a career out of their passion? They must’ve been extremely persistent and patient (and really really good) before getting to where they are now.

Sample works:

Rocky Gathercole

photos from: Google, Rocky Gathercole FB profile, Youtube

Christine Crame

FRINGE Manila Opening

Fourth Barleta

photos from: Kriston Villas