The Affiliate Program that Offers 100% Commission — Join Now

Guilbert Square
Jul 9 · 3 min read

Earning 10% commission on a product or service is the less appealing part of affiliate marketing. You put in the work, the effort, and you only get a thin slither of the profits.

That’s why we’re going to offer you something you truly deserve as a hardworking affiliate: 100% of the profit! How does that sound?

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NicheVendor offers 100% commission

Our network connects brands with influencers and we have memberships for brands and influencers that we’d like you to promote.

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NicheVendor Affiliate Network

PRO Influencer

The PRO influencer membership is $60 per year and benefits you can plug to Instagram influencers include:

  • PRO Influencers can bid on brand offers and choose their price.
  • PRO Influencers can change account details.
  • PRO Influencers will be featured and gain more exposure from brands, increasing chance of being hired.
  • PRO Influencers will gain access to unlimited content.

If you sign up to our network and advertise our PRO influencer membership, and someone purchases the yearly membership, you will receive the total amount: $60. Following that, the commission will be 50% per membership sale. So if they sign up again next year, you will receive $30 for the same person. Just think how much you can earn the more people you refer.

Sign up as an affiliate today and start referring influencers to our network!

NicheVendor Influencer Network

PRO Brand

The PRO brand membership is $49 per month and benefits you can plug to businesses looking to hire Instagram influencers from our network include:

  • PRO Brands can search from hundreds of influencers in different niches in the directory.
  • PRO Brands can purchase standard shoutouts.
  • PRO Brands can publish their own offers and choose the best offer from influencers.
  • PRO Brands gain access to expanded analytics report to get a deeper look at influencer stats.
  • PRO Brands can write directly to influencers.
  • PRO Brands pay only 10% transaction fees.

If you sign up to our network and advertise our PRO Brand membership to businesses and they purchase a monthly membership, you will receive the total monthly price: $49. From the second month onwards, you will earn 50% of the price.

Register as an affiliate now and start finding businesses to bring to our network!