When we started reimagining the rainbow, we looked at more minimal options, but ultimately we needed more warmth and energy to complement the glyph.
Designing a New Look for Instagram, Inspired by the Community

A lack of grass-fed greens and cool blues (cyan hued) unbalances the new ID. It’s now so Warm it’s having constant hotFlashes –albeit regally saffron. Color is subjective and ephemeral, Ian, so unless you strike that perfect balance by intentionally invoking a color-acting-on-color and reacting-to-itself and its environs, it’s going to lose being de rigueur, and become passe in an eye-wink. Some call that color-theory. Now those of us old enough to be in the W.E.kool Gen call it solid advertising and marketing. Some of us Mad Gen designers even manage to do it dope intuitively, non-academically and archaically. OldSkool Like. You feel me?

You’ve got a pure white (full color spectrum) outline knocking-out, defining the denotative metalevel logo for most of Instagram’s constituency; the camera. But a bold gradient lacking green, blue[cyan], indigo and (some violet) feels like we all just got jacked at the new Instagram-colors App Coney-Island ride, to the warm side of the moon.

Apparently, a tremendous number of people are unhappy with IG’s new look and feel; Because people consciously or unconsciously, even subconsciously desire to feel “whole”– especially in context of light, color and their exquisite neurotransmissions to our brains. The science/physics and arts of such transmissions are presently being mined for their hidden golden keys, layered down deep…keys unlocking the most delicate, sensitive, mysteriously powerful sensory information our Anatomy’s ancient mysteries contain.

So Instagram design team; put down your books and close the classroom doors and open your minds to the doors of perception. Use pure, unadulterated white light not line, to move malleably between the worlds and bring definition and depth (therefore depth of meaning and being) into Instagram’s brand icon.

Your perfect mentor is Medium.

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