The Dangerous Smugness of That Boston Globe “President Trump” Spoof
Christian Christensen

Christian, the very fact such a spoof comes out at all underscores what kind of nation we are at the moment, and I’m afraid, it is, largely idiotic. Uniformed, unintelligent, uneducated, unemployed and largely unable to grasp the spiritual, socio-structural dangers of the the world’s historical past, the lethal bacteria being grown in Donald’s petty petri-dish is (as the fœtid mixture was in Germany and Austria in the years leading up to Hitler’s rise) precipitating airborne spores a gasping population is gulping down. For the lucky white, wealthy ones, it will be slow poison; for the rest, its toxicity will make Agent Orange and Xyklon-B look like weed killer.

A desired return to the pre-existing insular vaccum of American Imperialism and our own “made in America” but more modern brand of Manifest Destiny (through conduits of Capitalism) have created Cultural cretons like Donald Trump. The exact insularity he desires, removes him from obtaining and retaining, understanding and wisely, compassionately holding a worldview required for holding the position of POTUS.

Obviously these are similar points you’re essentially making but it’s difficult to tell if you’re making them to chastise the Boston Globe’s journalism, or reprove the public for its response. The answer is probably some of both. As you point out, such a spoof fails on so many vital levels to convey the deeper dangers of a Trump presidency which would be this Country’s darkest day of despair for Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. Any social and spirtual advances America has managed to make for its communities of color and for all underserved or disenfranchised people over the past century would be lost. Instead of talking so much about why sophomoric, hollow journalistic choices don’t serve the darkness, use your gifts far more beneficially; Pick up the torch yourself and put it where it should be blazing brightly in Lady Liberty’s hand.

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