No, you are not part Cherokee. And neither is Elizabeth Warren.
Meagan Day

Cultural Appropriation or “Culture Vulturing” is a different breed and a different plague than satirizing linguistic play on Native dialects (whether politically correct or appropriate.) Distinctions should be made not amalgamated into a single paragraph or article, so readers understand the differences and nuances in where cultural appropriation overlaps playfulness.

With much respect to David Cornsilk, (reams of written documentation aside, I’m sure he knows) oral histories kept by poets and bards precede written documents in nearly every instance, usually originating in chant, song and dances in most cultures. Whether navigating the material world by allegorical, mystical and dimensional Shamanic travel, flat written documents or relying on Coyote Trickster to narrate the Ghost Dance, the first vehicle of a culture, a person or human heart is memory — individual, tribal, racial collective and global memory as anecdotal.

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