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A Day in The Life of Donáld Trump Ís-A-Bitch

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More Gulaggate en-route to imploding. While the DISunited States continues endlessly bickering among its ALTerred hyper partisan politics, now divisively tearing the Country apart at the seams of State lines and InterState Highway intersectionalities, Putin is laughing himself silly, playing with his jets buzzing around our boys’ buzz-cuts, and Hunting for Red October lobster off the coast of Maine.

If anyone is surprised by these developments, perhaps a gentle reminder the United States elected a populist President who knows some things about business and entertainment, and almost nothing about governing Nations, who uses his billions childishly, churlishly denigrating people (muchless entire global faith communities), wastes the time of CEOs he’d like to have believe are beholden and directly accountable to him, rants on twitter with temper tantrums a-laKanyemode and believes this to be the new normal — no surprise.

This isn’t a “political news” commentary, or otherwise spin on anything both ALTsides left and right, given half the chance would choose to turn it into…It’s a statement of Civic discourse; Dissenting opinon meant to expose a culminating, spreading entropy in our Country’s social and economic, racial, ethnic and spiritual fabric, rent into unbreachable divide. A civil diatribe, new discussion mechanism meant to smoke-out, unearth and illuminate this historic moment’s dangerous alternative realities — being trotted-out, like “getting along with Russia” (while Russia buzzes our boyz in the Baltic) then stealthily submerges Red October running silent and deep. The ALT facts blaring from the DCTV are not just affecting Americans’ perceptions of our own governance, but the world’s perception of America as a preeminent power who can stand against Russia, balancing the fulcrum. The Demoralization of Democracy owes more to Donald Trump’s reality-field distortion, than all the wars and soldiers lost combined will ever amount to. Data destruction and digital-memory loss happen faster today, than bleeding out led to death in the Civil War and there’s still, more Blood on the Leaves.

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Putin is toying with Trump like a master voodoo priest, his sympathetic magik orange-haired troll-doll, extruding pins from every angle, toy-soldiers teetering, missiles, ships, drones, submarines… (we no longer have Cavalry) but it doesn’t matter; they’d have pins in them too.

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