Evaluating the Buzzfeed dossier, by a former Intelligence Analyst
Jim Arkedis

Le Valet de Jackal; Trump in the Crosshairs of Blackmail

“Ici Chacal”
“Ici Valmy”

But there is no mutual admiration society of hunted and hunter, apart from Trump and Putin’s mutual and endless public caress. Only Russia’s clearly supreme upper-hand, (witness the perfectly timed interruption of Maxine Waters) in manipulating our media, Russia’s intruding into democratic society when she pleases for Putin’s own ends, and ultimately leveraging an American President by being able to blackmail the stupidest and most arrogant of populist leaders, Donald J Trump. #so busy with the art of the deal, I forgot to be intelligent #so busy denouncing everyone, I forgot to run the country #so busy deporting immigrants, I forgot to comply with the Constitution #so busy building walls, I’m being surveilled #so busy lining Putin’s pockets and mutually getting high-grade blowhard, I forgot there are actually intelligence agents that can decode, decypher and release this material to the public #so busy being arrogant and beyond anyone’s reach, I forgot I can be impeached. Where the hell is Atticus Finch? Honoré Mirabeau? Thomas Jefferson or George Mason? Abraham Lincoln?

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