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Let me fully understand this…Trump allegedly is free to solicit all the free-market business in the world while he’s President Elect, (clearly un-caring of the ethical hypocrisy his actions wholly espouse;) But when he legally becomes President in name, all such behaviour must cease? At that point, “sales-pitches” have will have been made. (Exactly what Ian articulates.) 
The Psychology of “Bullies” is that any preventative lack of action stopping them further empowers them, generally to continue bashing the crap out of people and systems put in place for the common good. Is there a Constitutional lawyer good enough to take the case? Maybe someone should suggest Barack Obama handle this, (I hear his jurisprudence docket will be opening up just in time), for a case as difficult as getting this straight-up narcissistic, Croesean Midas, tweeting from his personal Parthenon, impeached.