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Sir Arrogant Numbskull is playing the American people for the total suckerage blindspot-monkeys they are. There is clear constitutional law that can be used to prevent or prosecute Trump’s actions; Are people so scared of this “small-hands bullyman” not a single corrective agency will come forward and demand, by consequences of impeachment, that he [must] divest his business holdings? The enormity of the Business bullying, extortion, the spit-in-your-face blatent disregard for the Constitution’s emoluments clause to prevent conflicting interests affecting the most important decision-making possibly approaches the absurd of “magic realism”; Love In A Time Of Trolera. Trump’s leveraging his personal businesses, against huge trade serving the US government, or the constitutional rights of the American people (as a whole and as individuals) carries fundamentally dire ramifications/consequences – for irreparable economic and geo-political damage intentionally perpetrated on the United States of America’s global diplomatic relations, undermining and possibly destroying our Nation’s bedrock ethical credibility.

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