America, I have always looked up to you and been a fan — I still do and am!
Nina Gómez

Two distinct branches of the “whole” answer exist. One is political, the other cultural. You can spend your lives on Medium arguing how many devils or Angels dance on the heads of Bernie’s or Hillary’s political pin until heaven opens or hell freezes, and your respective sides will never fully agree. 
 But America’s more valid point, and I believe the point of her story, is that whatever Bernie’s stance, readiness, merits or experience…he hasn’t and can‘t ever claim to have achived that unparalled stamina and character it takes to be a single mother and raise six underserved children, presumably doing it within legal means to succeed. Most of our great Western faiths and cultures have a ‘name’ for women of this stature and achievement. Speaking to America’s [person and country] Judaeo-Christian heritage, (though we have many Muslim brothers/sisters woven into our American fabric of life as well), since before Jesus we have asked “Who can find a woman of Valor? Her value far exceeds Rubies“. Proverbs 31:10 is in context of an older paradigm of husbands and wives, but the “Woman of Valor” is a far larger context than women’s sole relation to their husbands.
 So political detractors, before you debate being a single mother who’s raised six children isn’t a prerequisite for the job of POTUS, I’m going to guess America would argue with you that the strength of Character, ethical and moral backbone it takes to have done that is exactly the prerequisite of character in ethical and moral fortitude we want to see in POTUS.

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