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What’s shocking and infuriating is that a single man, billionaire biggot can leverage (and is seemingly able) to hold an entire country hostage to his clinical dysfunctions, obsessions, character defects, arrogance and dishonesty, dispassion and hard-heartedness. And the only person with equal leverage over him is the one he’s in bed with, Vladimir Putin.
The very people who most laud him spout-on endlessly about the “constitutional values and premises” he is poised not to stand for, but to violate his first moment as President; Simply because he can. Because this country has no one couragous enough to stop him or to begin a movement to prevent his actions legally or politically.

The United States has no one to blame but itself. The right-now maddening crowds in xenophobic hordes of white angered lynch-mobs. Its short-sighted, newly risen robber-barons and plantation owners wanting to bring back the good-old years of lockin’ up that mad rapist Tom! And bringing back Bellerive.

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