“You’re not just good enough, you’re great”. A Letter To You, From You

The path to becoming the best version of you is often riddled with challenges, hesitations, and thusly, a heavy onset of frustration. Faltering in your beliefs, blindsided by instances of confidence loss, and just a constant stream of questioning: Questioning yourself, your motives, your actions, your very being. This doubt often draws in fear, the introduction of a growing numbness that swells to a degree that suffocates our thoughts, drawing our attention to the question that makes each breath harder to consciously deserve from the last:

“Am I good enough? Am I even worth it?”

It’s a question scary enough to steer clear, but it haunts us so often that we are drawn to it. By our very nature, we as people find ourselves searching for a reason to become greater than what we currently are, as being better is a goal because if you’re not growing, you’re not doing something right. But as we falter time and again in our quest to better ourselves, we are sometimes thrown into a dismal spiral of questioning the essence of simply being. These fragments of self-doubt build up and leave us questioning if we’re good enough, if we’re even, you know, worth it.

And the answer, which I pray that you believe for yourself, is yes.

Yes, you are worth it. Each, and every time.

Not only are you worth saving, but you are worthy. You are worthy of every sunshine that sets upon each living thing that makes your day, worthy of the air you breathe and share across our land, and worthy of the stars that reflect your brightness, wishing upon you to fall inlove with the very miracle that you shine on to this world. Not only are you worth being here but you are worthy of being happy.

As such is the way with living, it’s your choice to be happy. Choosing to be happy demands a stand-off between the single, most influential individual in your life that determines your beginning, your ending, and everything in between. And this person, is you. In a way, it’s a literal confrontation with the person you see in the mirror, which can often be an awkward conversation to have. But believe me, it’s necessary.

If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life take a look in the mirror

If you’re thinking, “is this guy asking me to stand in front of the mirror and talk to myself?”, then you’re kind of on the right track.

To stand in front of a mirror to tell yourself what an incredible person you are would probably be the best thing to happen, but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to (yet).

All I’m asking you is to remind yourself that you’re really, really great

And yes, I am asking you to please,

Tell yourself that “you’re (insert word here that describes how awesome of a person you are)”.

Literally tell yourself that. It’s NOT a narcissistic thing to do, although I can relate if you think that it’s weird the first time around. And maybe the second time (and perhaps the third). BUT I guarantee that if you do it once a day, say it once a month, remember to do it once a year, or even simply whisper it to yourself just this once because I asked you to, you’ve already made two people very happy:

Me, the person that’s grateful that you’re alive and well (also that you’ve made it all the way to the end of the first piece of my three part-series), and You, the best version of yourself: an incredible person worth choosing happiness for, over and over again.