Creating a new design for a basketball community platform

After intense weeks of hard work at the Ironhack UX/UI Design Bootcamp, it was time to prepare for the final project.

The students were introduced to real clients facing real problems.

Among all the business, Hoopers got my attention. They are a basketball community that works as an athlete-centered media platform. They also map and transform basketball courts, as well as creating specialized products for the community.

There are two mains reasons that made me choose Hoopers: the fact that they needed a complete redesign, and also the fact that —…

Repositioning a brand through an UI process

For our Week 5 project at the Ironhack Bootcamp, it was time to finish the work that I’ve started at Week 2. But now, I went through the process by myself.

The final goal is to create a brand new website for Infinity, a yoga studio based in Portugal.

Since that the goal for this week was a redesign process, I started with a new market positioning map. This helped me to better visualize what kind of impression I wanted to create with the new website. …

Adding a feature for the most famous music streaming service

Week 4 has arrived at the Ironhack Bootcamp and now we had to add a feature for an already existing service.

During this project, you are going to analyze an already existing and highly adopted app and incorporate a new feature into the existing product. The feature you develop will be based on an area of functionality to be explored and compared to user input.

And to make this project even more challenging, it was also the first time that I’ve worked alone in the bootcamp.

My client, Laissa Moura…

Ironhack Bootcamp Week 3 — Project Week

Time is flying and the Ironhack Bootcamp is already at week 3. Now, it was time for Project Week, which means that our group should decide the schedule for the week and also the UX tools that would be used to solve our client problem. Our final goal was to create an engaging educational online experience for Fun People Inc.

Fun People Inc. is an educational company that offers in-person courses for adults of languages, music, yoga, cooking and first-aid. However, they realized that many people are unable to attend the workshop camp…

Creating an e-commerce for a local Yoga Studio in times of Covid-19

Our second week in the Ironhack UX/UI Bootcamp presented us a new challenge. Now, me and my group should design a digital solution for a portuguese Yoga Studio that has been closed since the Covid-19 outbreak. It was also a great opportunity to learn new useful tools and methods.

Understanding the problem

Infinity is a Yoga/Meditation studio that offers different types of treatments and therapies, like massages, acupuncture and halotherapy. They are based in the city of Almada and they have opened its doors less than a year ago. They have…

Creating a tool to protect people from the spreading of fake news

In our first week at the Ironhack UX/UI Bootcamp, we faced a Wicked Problem to solve using the Design Thinking Method. In groups, we could choose between 4 different problems that are in evidence due to the pandemic that the world is experiencing. My colleagues and me decide to come up with a tool to fight the rise of fake news and the damages and consequences that this problem can create.

On top of this, our design solution should be able to answer this question:

How Might We…

Pre-work exercise for the UX/UI Lisbon Bootcamp April 2020

For my last challenge to complete the Ironhack pre-work, I was asked to conduct a usability evaluation (using Jakob Nielsen principles) and then, based on my users pain points, perform a site redesign. In order to do that, I had to create a scenario, in which a specific type of user would use an app to organize a trip to one of the seven wonders of the new millennium.

User Type and Research

Living in a hostel, I’ve decided to choose the Backpacker, age 18–38, traveling solo user type. …

Pre-work exercise for the UX/UI Lisbon Bootcamp April 2020

For my third and last pre-work exercise, I was asked to pick my top 3 best and worst user experiences with digital and physical products or services. Then I would have to find in those experiences the presence or absence of the design principles. So, in each case I followed the “10 Principles of Good Design”, by the designer Dieter Rams.

Best Experiences

Pre-work exercise for the UX/UI Lisbon Bootcamp April 2020

For my second challenge to complete the Ironhack pre-work, I had to choose any app, identify a user flow, and do a “reverse engineering” in order to create an interactive wireframe.

To do this I choose to work with the HostelWorld app and simulate a bed reservation in a hostel in Barcelona. I already used this app and I think that he has a really easy and intuitive flow.

So, after taking the screenshots, I imported the images to Sketch to create the wireframes. I used many elements from the Ironhack Wireframe Kit, like buttons, Image/Placeholder, avatar icon, search icon…

Pre-work exercise for the UX/UI Lisbon Bootcamp April 2020

In my second Ironhack exercise I was asked to choose any app, take five screenshots, import to Sketch and copy those screens using the available tools.

The selected app was DailyArt, an app that sends you everyday a classical painting and tell you a little bit about the art piece and the artist. Inside the app they have a huge library with paintings and artists, but unfortunately you only get full access in the premium version :(

The image on the left is the original, on the right is the copy. These screenshots were taken inside Sketch. …

Guilherme Torres

UX/UI Designer and Journalist

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