Serverless Development Workflow

Guilherme Waess
Jul 1 · 5 min read

Project structure
DB: ${env:DB_${self:custom.stage}, file(local-secrets.yml):db}env:DB_${self:custom.stage} <- this code goes to environment and try to get any value from DB_DEV/PROD, if there is no value, means that is local environment and it goes to:file(local-secrets.yml):db <- this code will go to the secrets file and grab the value from db variable.
local-secrets.ymldb: "this is my db secrets"
firebase: "this is my firebase secrets"

Circle Ci Environment Variables

Develop branch building
Prod and Dev applications
Dev Deployed
Prod Deployed

Guilherme Waess

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Javascript Engineer, clean code lover and unit tests advocate :)

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