Independence to be renewed in Venezuela

On July 5th, 1811 was established the independence of Venezuela from the Spanish Empire after many fights led by Simón Bolívar. A new country was being built by the locals, no more influence, at least from outsiders, on its natural wealth and an open road to grow by itself. And it indeed grew, in the 1970's, Venezuela was the greatest power in South America mainly due to its oil reserves. However, after many coup attempts, corruption, impeachment and the implantation of the Bolivarian Revolution, the country ended up in today’s situation that will be exposed below.

Alejandro Fleming, former minister of Venezuela, said: ‘The lack of food in this country is on people’s excessive consumption’

It is extremely important to know what Venezuela is going through right now. It is natural for you to ask the reason I want to spread the word. Why is it important for me, for you, for everybody to know?

Well, first of all, there are millions of human beings, yes the same species as you and me, starving and struggling for a freer and better life. Since April 19th of this year, there are millions of Venezuelans protesting on the streets and in 87 cases dying for their freedom. The country lives in the modern concept of dictatorship, where the political entities fake a democracy, thus the authoritarian power remains strong and blinds the international view to the real facts.

Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela, said: ‘I congratulate the State’s security organisms for its labor to maintain the peace’

A dictatorship system can be measured by three concepts: human rights, freedom of press and the rule of law. The first one is broken in uncountable ways everyday. The National Guard (GNB in Spanish) kidnap and torture students. Most of the opposition politicians are put in jail without a trial. The ones supposed to protect the people are severely repressing protests with fire guns and invading private houses to raise terror and fear. These are just some example of the violation of the rights in Venezuela. Fore mentioned, you can also find examples of the National Guard disobeying the law in many other ways. Secondly, all the national TV channels that showed the protest and/or the situation in the country were shut down by the government. Lastly, the Nicolas Maduro (they say Maburro meaning dumb) wants to change the constitution as soon as possible, in an anti-constitutional way, to centralize the power and maintain it forever.

Elías Jaua, former Vice-President of Venezuela, said: ‘The life in the socialist society is a supreme value and it is an obligation of the State to protect its people life’

Being minimally empathetic you can imagine how terrible is to live with uncertainty and fear of what can happen to you, to your family and to your friends. Being put in jail for torture without any trial or reason, have your residence broken down and your family endangered are just part of the possibilities.

Today they will not celebrate the independence the way they should, however this strong people will keep going to the streets and taking actions for a better future. In this way Venezuela is fighting against this dictatorship and seeking for a new independence.

Jorge Arreaza, former Vice-President of Venezuela, said: ‘If there was an exemplary behavior, it has been the commitment of collectives (militia group) with the Bolivarian revolution’

As human beings, we have to help in any possible way. I know you might think: What can I do from another country? It’s relevant to raise awareness in the world and all of us are able to use the social media as the channel (that’s the only way Venezuelans can manifest their cause, press is closed). By simply sharing what’s going on there (through this article or any other) you certainly will reach someone who can also help, even in a larger way. Thank you very much for your attention.