Exponencial ICO’s, new all time highs are coming.

Today we have the chance to see the technogical classical and well known exponetial curve show it self on the ICO market of blockchain. For those who don’t know what an ICO is (initial coin offer), this is the new way that companies that’re based on the blochchain system the same one as bitcoin, are making fund raising for their startups.

We’ve got to a broken record of 1.6 billion dollars mark and as we can see on the market is that we’re just on the beginning phase.

A high risk reward is well known for this sector of investment since the money is raise based on ideas and documents that the founders develop as a whitepaper document. The ICO technique is something very new and there for very sketchy because it is not a regulated system and this is what makes the risks hit the moon.

The latest record braker for this kind os crowdfunding was Tezos coin wich base it’s technology on a smart contract and self amendment ledger raising more than 200 million dollars.