First, let me say that I have no moral or ethical objection to a universal basic income.
Rick Smith

Thanks Rick, definitely some great insight from your reply.

I would like to, first all, make it clear that this is nothing but a conceptual idea, and I’m aware of the limitations, or impossibilities, of what I’ve presented here.

The sense you got from an “unspoken assumption” is correct, although I wouldn’t define it so much as an assumption, but more like an idea. An utopian one, if you would like.

It is true that biometrics cannot be used in the way that I described it, for sure. They are unreliable and depend on a number of pattern relationships, which, as you say, do not produce static outputs and thus cannot be used as key pairs, as I mentioned. Also, if they are compromised, there is not way to just regenerate new biometrics, and that would be the end of it.

Into your last point on how to control the same person from creating multiple wallets. The sole reason why I tried to envision a biometric PKI was actually due to that. If this was possible, in some way or form, than it would be impossible for a single person to own multiple keys (wallets).

Again, this is a far fetched idea, for sure. But one can dream, no? :)

I really appreciate that you took the time to read the full article though, and thank you for your input!

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